Saturday, January 19, 2008


1 Happy the saints of former Days,
Who first continued in the word,
A simple, lowly, loving race,
True followers of their lamblike Lord.

2 In holy fellowship they lived,
Nor would from the commandment move
But every joyful day received
The tokens of expiring Love.

3 Not then above their Master wise,
They simply in His paths remain'd
And call'd to mind His sacrifice
With steadfast faith and love unfeign'd.

4 From house to house they broke the bread
Impregnated with life Divine,
And drank the Spirit of their Head
Transmitted in the sacred wine.

5 With Jesu's constant presence blest,
While duteous to His dying word,
They kept the Eucharistic feast
And supp'd in Eden with their Lord.

6 Throughout their spotless lives was seen
The virtue of this heavenly food;
Superior to the sons of men,
They soar'd aloft, and walk'd with God.

7 O what a flame of sacred love
Was kindled by the altar's fire!
They lived on earth like those above,
Glad rivals of the heavenly choir.

8 Strong in the strength herewith received,
And mindful of the Crucified,
His confessors for Him they lived,
For Him His faithful martyrs died.

9 Their souls from chains of flesh released,
By torture from their bodies driven,
With violent faith the kingdom seized,
And fought and forced their way to heaven.

10 Where is the pure primeval flame,
Which in their faithful bosom glow'd?
Where are the followers of the Lamb,
The dying witnesses for God?

11 Why is the faithful seed decreased,
The life of God extinct and dead?
The daily sacrifice is ceased,
And charity to heaven is fled.

12 Sad mutual causes of decay,
Slackness and vice together move;
Grown cold, we cast the means away,
And quench the latest spark of love.

13 The sacred signs Thou didst ordain,
Our pleasant things, are all laid waste;
To men of lips and hearts profane,
To dogs and swine and heathens cast.

14 Thine holy ordinance condemn'd
Hath let the flood of evil in,
And those who by Thy name are named
The sinners unbaptized out-sin.

15 But canst Thou not Thy work revive
Once more in our degenerate years?
O, wouldst Thou with Thy rebels strive,
And melt them into gracious tears.

16 O, wouldst Thou to Thy church return,
For which the faithful remnant sighs,
For which the drooping nations mourn!
Restore the daily sacrifice.

17 Return, and with Thy servants sit
Lord of the sacramental feast;
And satiate us with heavenly meat,
And make the world Thy happy guest.

18 Now let the spouse, reclined on THee,
Come up out of th ewilderness,
From every spot and wrinkle free,
And wash'd and perfected in grace.

19 Thou hear'st the pleading Spirit's groan,
Thou know'st the groaning Spirit's will:
Come in Thy gracious kingdom down,
And all Thy ransom'd servants seal.

20 Come quickly, Lord, the Spirit cries,
The number of Thy saints complete;
Come quickly, Lord, the bride replies,
And make us all for glory meet;

21 Erect Thy tabernacle here,
The New Jerusalem send doen,
Thyself amidst THy saints appear,
And seat us on Thy dazzling throne.

22 Begin the great millenial day;
Now, Saviour, with a shout descend,
Thy standard in the heavens display,
And bring the joy which ne'er shall end.

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